NewGuide is a platform for creating smart, engaging guides, giving information, navigation, help and emotions tailored to location and situation of user.

  • Easy to develop and modify

  • Tailored to your needs

  • User engagement

  • Process automation

Where to use

Where you can use NewGuide? In any place where people need fast and efficient information, help with navigation and entertainment adapted to the place where they are.


The inhabitants and tourists need reliable information – adjusted to the time and place they are right now in. Both groups like discovering new stories and mysterious corners of the city or region.

NewGuide is a solution that will help you provide the users with information and services customized to their needs. Once the needs are provided, we will encourage them to go for an adventure.

sports and multi-functional facilities

Amazing spectacles require spot-on logistics. Not only on the level of large numbers of people but the individual participants as well. 

Thanks to NewGuide, fans on your stadium will easily get to all important places, find a free spot on the car park, find a toilet and a bar with the smallest number of queuing customers, order food that will be delivered to their seats. 

Once basic needs are provided, they will go for an adventurous trip using the loyalty programme based of gamification and they will take part in some interactive challenges. 

NewGuide not only makes the life of their users easier, it is also benefical for the facility managers. Use the analytical module to get to know different kinds of users’ behaviour and facilitate the processes thanks to the integration with some external systems.


As a participant of the event you don’t have much time to search for information. There are better things to do – such as listening to interesting lectures, attending spectacular concerts or watching game showcases. With NewGuide event you got all the information you need and much more.

Our recipe for event guide:

Reliable information adopted to user context65%
Effective wayfinding20%
Gamification and engagement15%

What is yours?

Shopping and entertainment centres

Shopping center as a place where you can buy the goods you need is a long time gone. Today’s centers are places where you spend time. The centers want to stand out. In addition to fast food – there are original restaurants, in addition to chain stores with clothes – small, local boutiques. Some visitors (because it’s hard to call them just customers) come here to take advantage of the cultural offer only – today, next to cinemas, there are also museums, cultural centers, libraries, and workshop spaces.

All these changes require a new approach to navigating and informing visitors. NewGuide focuses on information tailored to the context in which the user is located and the integration of many sources of information. Finally – our applications are guides for adventures that await visitors in new centers.


NewGuide’s flexibility also results from its construction. Modules are attached to the core of the system that collect data about users, provide them with specific guide functions or activate a given action (triggers). NewGuide can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or part of a larger system.


What can NewGuide look like from the user’s point of view? See how Julia used the application during urban vacation – staycations.


Discover NewGuide in action!